Cats Saying, “I Love My Mama!”


Pictures say a thousands words, don’t they?

Now…my fave moment with Ashley September 20, 2016.

And I think that pets will love back because they’re receiving love from the humans they depend on.


My Babies Forever

Life lesson(s): for those that love me, and I love, I work hard, pass my mental limitations to give them a quality of life they didn’t have BM (before me) and pretty much Heaven AM (after me).

Ashley deserved a life extended so that she receives love from me and her BFF Angel. Banjo deserves a better life than he’s gotten. He deserves someone who will give him 100% attention. Pets depend on their humans for their entire life! Money is always the issue but I’m working now and don’t expect to develop a life altering illness for the next few years. Menopause is around the corner.



Thankful for Banjo

Without him I’d take longer to get over Ashley’s death. I still miss her:


I go on doing what I do every day, laugh when something is funny, bust something when something is too funny, and live without the nightmarish euthanasia at my door.

Thank you, Banjo, for being you. You are a loving cat. You give affection. You get affection back. I know in 10 years from now that your presence in my life will change me in ways that are only positive. It’s happened already.

Animals are amazing in teaching humans about love and relationships. In the end I won’t be broken anymore because of Banjo and what he does for me. Thank you God for Banjo!

Feline BFFs: Banjo and TwoCan; Ashley and Angel

Two months, it took, for TwoCan to accept that my bedroom is Banjo’s room–that it was always my bedroom and not TwoCan’s…then the talk about his choice of who he likes to spend most of his time with and that I deserve to have my own cat to take care of…here it is. Just like Angel and Ashley BFFs playing…


TwoCan and Banjo BFFs are play fighting.

Sometimes it feels like these pairs fight not to play but to assert dominance. Some humans play with each other the same way.

Banjo…My Baby Boy

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Banjo…my baby boy.

Three months after Ashley’s death I met you at Toronto Humane Society. You were hiding under the towel and then in the box when trying to meet with you. You were so cute then. you are still so very cute every moment I spend with you.

When an animal bring this much happiness in my life it’s worth keeping until his/her last breath.