Face ShotD-Day: January 31, 2013. (D in this context is a way of saying “the” as in THE DAY my life has begun.

It’s February 28, 2016 and D-Day is when I have started to live and learn, make mistakes and learn from them quickly.

In that God-forsaken house (a term I use to call the home I lived in with my birth family) there was no growth, more battles, crises, and even though the one light (my dog Cutie Pie), I have not looked back since I left.

Family is everything, they say. I don’t. And I don’t believe in living in a place that suppresses me, where personal growth isn’t possible. I have tried. Even with study tools, my grades in high school and college were not the best. I’m out of there now 3 years and my marks are way up there. That says a lot, I think!

I have a cat, adopted from the Toronto Humane Society since July 2015. She makes my days even brighter. I think I may even have another cat. My roommate has a kitten, Angel, and she hangs out with me whenever I’m around. I feed her, comfort her when she needs it (because of the male kitten next door!) Another roommate has a dog that goes by the name Cesar.

Where I’m at now: healing from the past via pets and Imagery Rehearsal. Everyone gets a nightmare now and then and I’m arming myself with positive endings.


Cutie Pie and me. June 2000
Cutie Pie and me.
June 2000
Angel. She looks it, doesn’t she?
My timid baby, Ashley. Eyes on me while she’s hearing noises.
Cesar. The dog who loves all animals and people.

Page updated August 12, 2015.


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