Turns in My Journey

Before Ashley life since February 2013 was all fun and independence. I was in heaven.

Then my roommate’s cat had a litter of four. Imagine four tabbies running around the house, imagine one of them stepping on the keyboard of my laptop. Imagine them sitting around you on the sofa while you’re watching TV or doing your homework while watching TV. Now imagine one dog and two kittens standing side by side at the foot of the door to my room, I open it they invite themselves in. It was in interacting with one of the tabbies that I got to thinking about getting my own cat.

No regrets. I’m not having as much fun but she’s a lot of fun to watch and playing with her I never know what I’ll be getting: the playful cat or a docile one.

I’m thinking about how to prepare myself for the day she does die from Lymphoma. I don’t want to be grieving for too long. Regrets and guilt isn’t going to happen because I treat her special every moment I’m with her. No guilt because I’ve never been mean to her and I can’t have any regrets because death will happen.

I will work on the concept of death. Death may not be the end of any living thing and I think the best way to think about death is in celebrating the great life she’s had while she was living with me.

And I don’t want to be Margaret Lawrence with a lifetime of regrets. When I’m 90 years old looking back at my life. I hope I don’t look back then! But if I do I hope I have physical evidence that my life from 2013 to my old age is one that states, “I am happy and feel that when my time comes to go I know that I’ve done my best to become the person I was meant to be.

My relationships with people can be stupid sometimes but the one relationship (other than my cat) that matters to me is the one I have with God.


Hope these videos bring a smile to your day.

The third video will make you think there will be a cat fight because they’re looking at each other after I ask for them to do a cat fight. In my head, they already had a fight.




By the way, I think the kitten that had stepped on the keyboard and the one that scratched me during her first two months of life is Angel. The same one you see here. The other tabbies have never interacted with me on this level–on she did.







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