Love Moments With My Kitty

She is a highly sensitive senior kitty. Needs love and attention. I don’t mind. The shelter said she is a DSH cat, but she’s really a Russian Blue: lavender-coloured paws and ears and the shape of her face – most felines’ faces are round. Ashley’s isn’t.

She’s been my baby for three months now. I guess that’s long enough for her to feel comfortable sleeping close to me as she is in this picture (not the first time, wow!).

One of many moments I'll remember until I no longer can.
One of many moments I’ll remember until I no longer can.

I think about Cutie Pie (the dog I had for a while when living with my birth family). She was the only best part of that awful time in my life. Now thinking about her and how I was so underdeveloped as a human taking care of an animal and thinking (before fostering Ashley the cat) if things will be different now. They are. I no longer deal with 24/7 psychological stress. Since January 31, 2013 I have grown up and now I can carry the responsibility of caring for another because I have, now, the room to breathe and think what I need to do. I am no longer immobilized to act and no one is bringing me down.

I love my life now. And in looking back at the past (i.e. Cutie Pie), there is nothing for me to feel guilty about. No regrets. And I’ll keep saying this: I couldn’t have been a different person. It’s not about hindsight.

My journey has been a wow one: learning, experiencing. Growing.


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