A Purfect Day

It’s official! Ashley the cat from Toronto Humane Society is legally mine. She was a foster to adopt because of behavioural issues. I feel that it’s not the cat’s fault and me being a first-time cat owner who has a lot to learn about cats, once Ashley was in my care she didn’t have those behavioural issues.

Yesterday I went to give $60 adoption fee and while waiting, there was a 9-month old kitten with a behavioural issue listed – then I thought to adopt this one too but Ashley needs me more–she is a senior cat, after all.

These two videos below is 1) a video of me singing one of my [original] songs to Ashley yesterday after giving her meds (she hissed after swallowing the entire meds and 2) a video of her purring for about a minute. It’s cute when cat’s purr, isn’t it?

Increase the volume to hear the purring:

It is possible to find THE pet. And I never thought to own a cat or kitten–only dogs. Ashley approached me from within her cage. I’m glad because she really is a gift. Never looking back at a past life when there was no hope for me to learn about love. And the Who I Am Meant to be – not only a dog person!

Patience with my pet. Patience is one thing I easily learn because of her. Pets have always helped me become more human


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