I Did What I Said I Wouldn’t Do

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Got her from Toronto Humane Society at the end of August 2015. She came to me…rubbing the cage that she was in. It’s awful that her from paws were declawed. Cats scratch…get a scratching post! I’m a first-time mom for a cat and not knowing so much but I’m a quick learner.

She loves it when I talk baby language. And it especially helps talking to her like this when giving her meds or taking her to the vet.

In the future I know that she may get sick and the med bills will be in the four-digit range, but I manage my money and she is worth caring for until she is no longer. I hope she lives at the old age of 22.

Three weeks and she so loves me! Her head rests on the bottom of my right leg, other nights she sleeps within the curve of my body (when I’m lying on my right side).

I’m getting used to softening my voice and there were times that I would have normally been impatient with my pet (like I was with my dog Cutie Pie) but my response is a gentle one. Now that’s self-development!


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