So I had a shitty situation where a male roommate assaulted me:

physical assault by a male roommate


Two weeks after the incident I am in a better place – literally. The four women are so great! They don’t expect me to give my share of the money towards purchasing house supplies (e.g. dish soap, sugar). They were happy to foot the bill. They understand that the first month in a new place is financially stressful.

The other place – jerks! So totally not understanding. They only understand their own burdens.

The roommates I have now…well…guess what? I pitched in my share since the first month! Because they understand.

I’ve been living here now for two months. They are true to who they say they are. And they’re a great bunch.

Couldn’t help talking about this bit. I didn’t get their permission to post pictures of them (I do have). However, this Blog is about all my experiences since leaving the birth family.

Pets – and for me it would be dogs and cats – are therapeutic.

I had a dog from 1997 to 2005. Gave it up because the guy I knew at the time was “allergic” to pets. I didn’t marry him anyway. Here is the dog I had:

Cutie Pie and me. June 2000
Cutie Pie and me.
June 2000

Stupid decision to give her up because of him. Some lessons take longer to “get”. For me I trip myself up in romantic relationships. The other reason was because she was getting sick and the money I made each month went to the vet bills. The cost for each problem Cutie Pie had costed me close to $1000 (Canadian $).

Anyway, I have the choice to foster a cat or dog. That will be the route I go since I’m not in a better financial situation than ever before.

The mother cat: Mowmow

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And here are her children:

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I would love to own one but until I do some research on the cost of owning one and the illnesses they possibly could get, I’m hesitating to say no.

Yes, my experience with giving up my dog (my child) has everything to do with it.

When I’m ready for one, that’s when I’ll have one. And no worries about affording anything he or she needs.

Responsible pet ownership.



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