Argument: For Increasing Funding For Safe and Affordable Housing

One of my roommates hit me in a public place! Look at his work:

The work of a schizophrenic.
The work of a schizophrenic.

Why do violent people live with others when living with others makes their mental illness much worse? The only outcome is violence and abuse at the breaking point. In this case, every four to five years.

Housing agencies need to fill empty rooms. They don’t have self-contained apartments at the moment and they don’t seem to know that the new home isn’t a supportive environment.

Then there’s the caregiver. Do they have the money to pay for an apartment where the mentally ill person doesn’t have access to a stove. They need a PSW to make meals, wash their clothes, clean their room, and make sure they take their meds regularly. Without the meds the ill person will be violent towards others!

In the Canadian healthcare system, mentally ill patients are discharged to make room for new patients. Are some patients able to care for themselves and do the things the healthcare workers did for them? No, I think!

Three groups are at fault here.

The government. The level of financial support via transfer payments is low. Just look at what services are not covered, what the patients still need to have a life of dignity and full of potential. The sick become even more sick. Despair will do that.

The primary caregiver. Caring for the sick is a 24/7 job. It also requires a lot of money for health services not covered by our government’s healthcare plan. Imagine living one hour away from the ill person, not able to visit them every day to make sure the sick person is taking their meds.

Then it’s up to the mentally ill person (if he/she is mentally competent) to decide to follow-up with a treatment plan that will help them in recovery.

Until our government gives a damn, Canadians won’t realize their potential. The sick will be further neglected by our government. Who knows? They might use restraint like they did in the 17th century – and what have we done? Nothing. Just needing help, shoved away because no one wants to care for the sick as they need it.

Look at this picture again! I’m sure it could be worse, oh yeah! Like my death.  I was hit on the head, you know!


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