Introverts Dating Extroverts

broken heart

From personal experience, extroverts dating introverts doesn’t work out for two reasons: the personality styles are opposites to each other, values and the maturity level.

Both can be introverts (or extroverts or a combination) but how about values? If one person values their religion and you’re both not from the same religion, how will that work out? One might have to give up their religion to stay together. Not likely to happen when both people place a high value on their religion. I will never give up being a Catholic to keep a guy. So, before that first date find out if you’re both from the same religion!

What are some of the things you do when you’re not together? Do you spend your time with friends, family and acquaintances after work leaving whatever little time for that significant other. I’d say this person is married and doesn’t have time for a romantic relationship. What if you find someone who is the same religion and is also an Introvert but their careers take up a great chunk of their time. That too will make you feel insignificant to him or her.

I don’t agree that a successful relationship happens if you’re always together. Some people only have one thing they want and that’s sex with someone who is a handyman or caregiver for them.

How can a couple balance work, fun and their romantic life? I’m still having a challenge finding someone who understand that I’m an introvert and will always be one. I can’t be forced to be an extrovert because he is. The thing is, some people are afraid to be alone and so the next person that comes along they will take for a ride for however long that will be for them.

Thank God I’m not one of these people. Being needy, not being comfortable being alone.

I prefer to go solo when there isn’t someone I’d be interested in having a relationship. Thing is I’m not ready to take that step until I get to know the guy as a friend first – for however long it takes for he and I to see how we can get along as more than friends.

I’ve tried being friends with one of my current exes. Didn’t work out. Had the same problems as when I dated him. Lesson here is that you get to know a person by talking with them casually. No pressure, no expectations. Nothing. Just two people talking about stuff and if a relationship can develop from that that’s a romantic one then take the next step.

It takes a lot of inner work to make relationships work, too.

If I decide to date again, an Introvert is the one that will make me happiest. Opposites attract? Hah! More like they attract and make a disaster relationship. Birds of a feather flock together. Now that’s hope for a satisfying and lasting romantic relationship.

I’m not going to get into the maturity aspect of relationships. We know what that’s about so why ruin this post by talking about it.

Though I have talked about maturity in my other posts: the negativity of some people riding the metro.

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