Using the Underground/Metro/Transit

Good and Evil
Good and Evil

It’s called other things, probably, in other parts of the world. I’m from Toronto so I’m speaking about the transit system which to me includes the underground and the bus.

Why talk about something that most of us use everyday? I like riding it most of the time.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a stressful experience when some riders pee on other people’s day. The “Pee-er” (as I’m calling them) are people who are not having the best day or week (or eternity) and dump their misery on others.

Some riders carry a load of their own: backpack, baby carriages and shopping carriages. Some dude with a backpack (Pee-er #1) whispers something to Pee-er #2. The latter yells at me, insults me. The only word I got in was if he was going to get off let me know because I will move. He still insults me and I say “Thank you!” That shut him up.

Learning people skills is hard and I think for people who are not in the right mindset, it’s impossible because they don’t have the will and they’re just lying in their own misery feeling sorry for themselves.

Pee-er #1 was whispering to himself, pee-er #2 left the bus. Another man a soon to be pee-er #3 until…I don’t know…I just know that I felt that he was going to start something and perhaps that was transparent through my eyes. So, he said nothing.

Thing is when there’s a lot of people in the bus, of course there are times it’s crowded but why lash out about it! You got a problem with crowding take it to the mayor!

Sometimes you will come across unreasonable people as I did today but when they’re yelling at you please don’t return the karma. It just becomes another one of those things I like to phrase as “million miles of stupid”.


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