Pet Peeves

mandala hold on

For Bloggers/Social Media enthusiasts who are following this Blog, you can tell that I speak directly and sometimes my upset shows in the choice words. What’s the point of Blogging about my life experiences if I’m making things up?

I don’t have a hidden agenda. My point in writing in this space is to share my experience. Maybe others have had a similar thing in their, maybe others could be going through it now. Just sharing my experiences. Besides, I find it therapeutic to write in here.

Anyway, my pet peeve – and one that causes me considerable suffering is disrespect from others. Respect is a two-way deal. When I’m in a group, I expect the rules to apply to everyone. For instance, at Expressive Arts Therapy one of the rules of the group is respect. It’s a general term, and I’d say it’s all-encompassing. So, then, when I have something to say I shouldn’t be interrupted by anyone. It’s an “expressive” arts group, so what’s up with them? It’s no surprise that the following week I was upset and that it showed through my voice. I wanted to talk about it but thing is: they don’t get it. They don’t get that their actions from last week led to disrespecting them.

I’m all about fair treatment. I’ll treat you as you treat me. They don’t get it that by not letting me express my thoughts, they were disrespecting me. It’s like they were being that kind of man –the type of man who has the last word on everything. A control freak! I told them so, don’t think I didn’t!

The rules within a group just doesn’t work. Why make them when the facilitators or leaders of a group need training in the rules they have for the group?

Have I learned anything new from this experience? No. I still hate being in groups for a long period of time. I have a lot of guts to say what I have to say when someone disrespects me, stops me from speaking up.

How to get along when someone disrespects you and isn’t willing to hear you out? How many times will you approach them to speak to them but they won’t listen to what you have to say? Ask help from a neutral party. Make it clear that if this person interrupts you that they are being disrespectful (again!) and that the meeting is over.


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