Healthy Weights: 2/3 Body Mass is Muscle!


I don’t need more proof; however, situations happening now and that have happened during my several decades of life at The WarZone/Hell tell me where I am at in my life now is the best thing that’s happened to me–and to never go back to the past.

I fear the New Me will disappear if I spend too much time in the past. I visited mom New Year’s Eve 2014 and it’s been over two months since then that I have seen her. Haven’t seen the sibling and never intend to. Things are great this way. That is, if I want to continue growing. Some conservatives on mom’s side of the family would for sure disagree with me. They would in fact try what they can for me to get back with the family. They don’t get it. Or whatever. I told them what happened on January 31, 2013 and they persist as if they haven’t heard a thing I said. Stubborn, right? Probably. Or just of one mind.

Anyway, a visit to my dietitian gave me good news that I haven’t thought could happen. About 2/3 of my body mass is muscle now! At 205.6 pounds in 2012 I was 55% muscle. A difference of 34 pounds! Then and now!

In my other Blog “Fitness Through Walking” I started off with 205.6 pounds. Now I’m 171.6 pounds. I don’t like having a jiggly ass, but ten pounds can easily come off if I don’t eat too much of the healthy stuff. Still off the junk food for at least 99% of the time. Probably had junk food no more than five times since I left home…two years!


when I was 205.6 poundsMe now at 171 pounds



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