Worldwide Hug Day


I don’t need a real hug. Pictures and artwork of dogs (especially dogs!) lift my mood.  I was blessed to have an American Cocker Spaniel named Cutie Pie for eight years. Precious living things is what she was – and all dogs.

I don’t own a dog now but there is Ozzie the lab and Lokie the pug who are fun to be around. This passed Tuesday I  was less than a minute from home when in two lightning flashes all the lights were out. It was a bit of a fearful thing because it felt as though lightning could have hit me. I was in front of my home when I saw the pug and his owner.

Lightning flash even didn’t happen! I am walking away from home walking towards the dog. His small flappy ears above his head, his legs up in the air. He loves to play. Loves playing with people and dogs. He must like me very much when I let him play with my fingers with his teeth.


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