Cooking! Hate it, Love it. Easy!

Jan 5 cooking


What’s in it? Mac’N Cheese, broccoli, white and red kidney beans.

Mac’N Cheese…don’t have to tell you how to make it – it’s on the box. Broccoli (frozen) cooked 10 minutes. Drain the canned beans and then cook it for 5-10 minutes.

Mix and there it is! High in protein and fibre and other vitamins.

Still hate cooking for the time I take to prepare food. All that chopping, slicing and dicing, sometimes peeling. The best part is mixing ingredients together to create a variety in flavour yet very nutritious.

One time I used the blender to mix chick peas and olive oil. A roommate told me that hummus has both of these ingredients. I had no idea that I had stumbled upon a recipe that’s out there. Still, I cook to make meals, not dip!

Cooking…another aspect of me that has changed since leaving home. Lots of things I wasn’t in the mood for because of what it was like living with the birth family.


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