When is it Not Love?

In my experience TV shows and TV movies reflect my values on romance, love and marriage.

Just like a scene in a TV show or movie–even that commercial advertising a perfume–:  you are surrounded by people you may know or not (and at this moment you are alone) and who knows why at this moment you are glancing around the room. Then your eyes stop at someone who is looking at you. Maybe you sensed at the periphery of your eyes that you have gotten someone’s attention. Maybe not even this but it sure feels like you have gotten attention. You exist. The other person exists. You have strong feelings about them.  There is attraction.  The feeling is so strong it has to be love! I found THE ONE. The search is over.

It’s not the first time this has happened. Of course you’ll not remember the last time you thought you were in love.

It’s alright. People act on feelings. Logic will kick in when you’re older and have changed your lifestyle to make room for introspection.

Most of your relationships have been in the sack. This is not true love. It’s physical love. Too much of this goes on and most people are too soon getting in the sack. What about talking, to doing things together? To finding out what you have in common? What does the other person like? Are you compatible?Problem solving in conflict?  Compromise?

If a guy wants sex on the first date or even 1 month of dating dump him please! He isn’t the long-term relationship.

We learn.



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