When is it Not Love?

Sometimes TV reflects the values we have about romance, love and marriage.

You see them in the same room. You get a feeling. Then too soon you’re thinking you’re both in love; however most of your relationship you’re in the sack. This not true love. It’s physical love. Too much of this goes on and most people are too soon getting in the sack. What about getting to know each other? What do you have in common? No way that if your relationship starts with sex and is a lot about sex for several months – and without sitting down knowing each other, going through conflict and compromising.

If a guy can’t wait for, say, six months to have sex with you. Dump him! Six months should be enough time to get to know him. However, if he doesn’t reveal much about him personally…and he’s waiting for the six months to come up, he’s in it for the sex.

We all learn from our mistakes.

Then there is the guy who is all about wanting to have children. What about you? You matter! He wants children and if you marry him, he ignores you most of the time. This is the traditional marriage. Husband is the king of his home. The wife is subservient. The children are of some use to him – especially if they’re sons.

Hate both situations and have dated both types of guys. Key word there: guys. Not men.

Males who believe and don’t treat women as equals are not men! They’re bullshit!

Hell and WarZone isn’t now only about my home environment it’s also about the guys I’ve “dated”. Walking away from them. walking away from this Hell. Sex is nothing to me when the guy just doesn’t “get it”. Many never will.


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