Because I’m a Girl

Good and Evil
Evil thoughts, evil deeds.

What influences a female to remain inferior?

  • culture
  • government
  • family
  • “friends”

So what if women are celebrated a few times a year? Mother’s Day, Administrative Assistants Day, Family Day and our birthdays we’re put into a corner, i.e. you’re his mother when he needs one (but you’re his girlfriend or wife), you’re his sex toy whenever he’s in the mood. What happens when you assert what you want? How about your needs?

Doesn’t matter – if you still want to be in a relationship (married, living together or just dating for several years. Every woman is different this way. Perhaps one day one of us will have had enough miserable years and ask for what we want and if we don’t get it we say good-bye much sooner.

This is me. And it has taken decades to get where I am now. Seriously I thought that my relationships with men would be so much better once I left Hell/WarZone but that’s simply not happening for me.

Oh well, at least I didn’t have to live in Hell/WarZone–which had pretty much suppressed who I could have been.

When it makes no sense to stay with my birth family, to be involved in the community my parents were brought up in it was time to go. To stay with anyone from the past for longer than a full day ends in resentment and bitter feelings. Good reason to never look back at the past and to never engage with anyone from the past – even if on the surface they seem to mean well.

That’s right….I said “on the surface”. We don’t know what another’s agenda is, right? Call me paranoid or suspicious or even overly suspicious. I keep my counsel and it keeps me very happy.

Policies designed to pay women less than men for the same job, policies designed to make a poor woman even more poor by giving her husband/partner her pay cheque.

As if women aren’t already at a disadvantage.

I’ve never been First Class, but I think somehow even these women are at a disadvantage. Abusive men come in all socioeconomic classes. Some of these men probably “forgot” to put their wives in their will. Men are greedy – and this trait is true in all socioeconomic class.

Female friends being socialized to be last will also put you down should you leave the pack and stand up for your rights.

Being alone does suck sometimes. It’s even boring – sometimes. But I’ve learned what I really want and the best thing for me is being with others for a couple of hours a day (not every day!).

I hope that women open their eyes and see how they treat each other. Are we putting each other down. There is a million ways to do this and awareness is the key.

The Third World women need help and so does our home.

What does it do to our soul when many corners of this world put us in the inferior position?


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