Miles of Stupid…When the Ex Isn’t Letting You Go

Guidance Through Life's Journey
Guidance Through Life’s Journey

You tell him the relationship isn’t working for you and you want to remain friends.

You did the mature thing, you know! Breakups are nasty!

The next three weeks he calls you 1-2 times weekly. You don’t call him at all until three weeks passed. You say “Don’t call me anymore!” He said he understood. He doesn’t call anymore.

You warned him, others in the community warned him and yet whenever you’re in the same room he’s in and you’ve made every effort to be far away from him when this is the case, he still finds a way to be physically near you.


Miles of stupid! He doesn’t want to get the hint. He doesn’t lack the mental capacity. He’s digging his own hell on earth.

How far is hell? Miles and miles of stupid.


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