The Universe: Beautiful and Dangerous

Friendships are a beautiful thing.

Friendships with an ex? Toss that idea out the window! I don’t wait for three strikes. If the boyfriend doesn’t have the “friend” aspect of a beau in him, he’s out and could never be a friend (the platonic type friend) after the breakup.

Flying solo is the way I’m going now and it’s sweet! My friends are all females and they treat me like I’m a part of their family.

One of my exes considers himself as my big brother. That’s wonderful, but thing is the friends he’s had longer than he’s known me, think that I want to get back together with him. Weird stuff!

I will say this though. This friendship I have with the ex, now friend, is something I’m trying out but if there is too much grief gotten from any of his friends, I’m leaving.

Who wants to “X” a friend? I might have to because of negative behaviours of others.

Friends bring happiness but friends of ex-boyfriends can bring agony and strife.

Don’t need that. Don’t want forgiveness. Things said affect others outside of themselves.

No understanding of others outside the inner world.


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