What’s Left of the Two of You: Exes

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Remaining friends with an ex- or friendly with an ex-? Which one would you want?

For me, neither. I’d prefer to walk by them without even a hello. Conservative people would tsk as this behaviour – why not just say “Hi!” and walk away, at least right? The ex-boyfriends because exes because they wanted a mother-figure in a future wife or wanted an ego boost, hence those control freaks!

However, there is only one situation I’d be friends and that is if it’s possible. Friends as in talking at the social club. Saying Hi, giving positive words to them. That’s it.

It’s weird being friends with an ex-beau given how things went downhill and then after the breakup.

It can only work if both are mature about remaining friends. No self-serving reasons.

This is the new me that I’d like to become. Why should I deny helping out a guy friend when he’s in stress? If he’s sad, cheer him up by joking, singing songs he likes.



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