A 10-Pound Conception Problem

Since my seven-year old mind was on marriage (and if I was a guy I’d be thinking about doing the dirty with a model) to today, marriage and children have been something I wanted so much.

I played Cinderella in Junior Kindergarten. Fantasized about an Altar Boy and other guys I’ve met from Elementary School to High School.

I got serious about my search for marriage and children since I was 20 years old. I wasn’t ready for it, still needing room to grow personally, still needing to learn about myself and relationships. How can a person grow in a home that was as I’ve been calling it in this Blog…Hell/War Zone.

One thing that is true about me is that I’m not happy being with a man who thinks and treats women as the inferior sex.

I have said it in a previous post that to God, men and women are equal.

So, why are men still persisting that we are inferior? Do they think that women are happy that way? No, they’re not. It’s socialization, for some it’s about loneliness. Look at this picture of me. I’ve dated someone for a month and gained 10 pounds!


Not happy about the things I find out about him and at least this time it took me one month to know if we’re compatible as a couple and then later for marriage.

Since leaving home, I have been meeting more men. At home I can go years before dating again. Not helpful since I’d forget why the last relationship didn’t work and the more I date the closer I am to finding The One.

I’m still holding on the hope of finding The One, but if I not then flying solo is something I’m used to.

The pros and cons of flying solo or in a romantic relationship with a man.

There has to be a man out there who is looking for a mature love relationship with a woman, right?

All experiences since leaving Hell/War Zone are eye openers to me and have taken me out of the shell.


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