How To Lose a Woman in 10 Days

Random 5 words to create positive image through words.

That’s right all! That does exist. How?

Day 1 to Day 3: persistence

Day 4 to Day 7: seeing each other too much, him talking about the future (marriage, living together, children) meanwhile she’s one week behind chores and taking care of her needs–including health!

Day 8: she gives you the talk about slowing it down because she’s feeling overwhelmed.

Day 9: she’s alone in the coffee shop and tells him she wants to be alone to relax but he meets her at the coffee shop anyway.

Day 10: the hours she wasn’t with you gave her the time to figure out if breaking up is the best thing for both.

Good-bye to my current romantic relationship.

Finding someone who is 100% with another person takes time, maybe luck. Since leaving Hell/The War Zone, I’ve known guys who are opposites of me: dependent and controlling.


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