Why Do They Say I Love You?

Roses on a heart-shaped frame.
Roses on a heart-shaped frame.

For me, the only time that’s right to say it is when you’re ready to commit to the person and being committed to another takes longer than a day, a week and even a month!

No way people know everything there is to know about the other person in a short time.

Blame oxytocin. The feel-good hormone kicks out the logical part of our brain once it’s turned on, programmed to be turned on, the second our eyes catch another’s. Too easy. Animalistic behaviour. Hunter and prey.

When someone says “I love you!” take things even slower. Think. You know little about them. You talk about personal stuff that’s uncomfortable for him or her, they were the ones to talk about the future–not you–and when you have deep discussions they say they need to rest.

Oxytocin still works even on me and I’m taking things slow. I’m able to (thank God!) use the logic part of my brain. Comes from getting used to taking crap and not wanting it anymore.

I know one thing for sure: my future husband understands why I have this blog.

Some writers out there have similar ideas about these three words.

And by the way, did I tell you that I don’t like to hear those three words until I have gotten to know the guy for at least six months? I figure in six months all the bad and ugly is known about each other.

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