Homelessness Targets One Group: Men

stain glass window1

So far in my search to understand why there is homelessness–part to avoid becoming homeless (you just never know how it can happen to you!) and to be more at ease when I meet them on the street.

I don’t hate them. I’m generally uncomfortable meeting new people and I feel even more uncomfortable when I hear that the reason why some become homeless is because:

  • the government hasn’t implemented policies to provide stable housing for those who need it
  • gambling addictions
  • drug addictions
  • severe mental illness

The problem I have with the whole thing surrounding homelessness is:

  • have the homeless people asked for help?
  • if they asked for help, why there is no help for them?
  • are there enough shelters for people to live in until they get their feet off the ground?
  • access to medical help?
  • are doctors accepting homeless people
  • are all drugs and other therapies affordable (i.e. covered by OHIP) regardless of your employment history and income status?

Articles Inspiring This Post:

Almost Half of Homeless Men in Toronto Have Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury

Homeless Plead For Day in Court in Landmark Charter Case

Gambling History is Common Among Homeless People in Toronto


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