Toxic Relationships

Self-esteem, self-care.
Self-esteem, self-care.

Toxic relationships or dysfunctional relationships. I think they can be related, since both pretty much “don’t work”, people are together for a time and then personalities clash and BOOM! see you later.

Having a support network is great to have–especially when starting a romantic relationship, but sometimes even friends are not right. How to know if you’re in a toxic relationship? Well, for sure no one knows until you really get to know them. That takes a while.

Looking up a couple of websites, I didn’t think some of the points mentioned were even considered part of a toxic relationship. For example, neediness. Does it really mean you’re toxic if you’re always the one making plans? Traditionally guys make the dates–where, when. Even 25 years later the man do these things. He is the breadwinner, he’s the head of the household. But, I think, that’s about social conditioning. I think neediness is neediness when the other person obviously isn’t interested in you.


I agree that insecurity–when it’s always in the relationship even after how many years, may be toxic. Do you really want to be with someone who is assured of your love if you’re showing jealousy towards others being affectionate towards them? Affection such as hugging or tapping the hand or even saying “We missed you today”. In the start of a romantic relationship, you’re getting to know each other. Some jealousy is okay but to play on these emotions is a major turnoff! If you’re the type to be jealous that your friend spends time with other friends–i.e. you are showing signs of possessiveness and only want that friend to be yours, get a grip! Your friend can have other friends and it doesn’t mean you’re less likeable.

My favourite and one I know personally I have to watch out for in all relationships are the manipulators–not just in romantic relationships! Family and friends, too, manipulate you into doing what they want. You don’t want to take your mother to the relatives because you’d rather do something else? She’ll guilt trip you into doing what you want. This is one example. Mothers are really good with the guilt thing.

That’s all I want to say on this topic. It’s heavy stuff. Maybe it can help you too.


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