Romances Spark Victoria Day Monday

stain glass window1

It was great to get out there and do a social thing. Lately I have been immersed in studies of math and science. Love science – astronomy and physics, but mostly astronomy,

I do what I do best at social gatherings: smile and do something. In this case I was doodling. When I doodle I don’t plan to make a picture. Some people commented that this looks psychedelic, others said it looks like a stained glass window. Looking at the final product I agree with the latter comment.

One thing I love about social gatherings is that I go away learning about something. Something that will help me in my life or in my art – or in something. But the best part of all are the possible romantic relationships that can turn into long-term, if that’s what people want. There are various lifestyle relationships out there and I have to be honest that the only part of me that’s traditional is the part that agrees that marriage between man and woman is the best thing out there. As I was doodling, men and women (especially men) approached me. Introduced themselves. Some had been with me the entire time I was there even though I told them I am not planning to date anyone right now. Of course, these people didn’t seem to care. They really liked being around me and well, even though I was annoyed, I was still polite. It’s alright to be friendly to those people that I don’t want to date. The one guy I talked to the most yesterday probably thought I was interested in dating him. I wasn’t and still am not. He’s totally opposite of me in interests and lifestyle choices. I wished him well in his future career and his reply was, “My name is so-and-so and this is ….” I am omitting the real names here for privacy sake. I could have made up names like Cane, Lila… but then I thought these names are just not entertaining to me.

When people misinterpret another’s intentions there is only anger. However, that was just a little. I look back at it now and it’s more funny than anything. Most of the men and women there were very nice and very friendly people. I’m glad that someone suggested I go to this event. It was worth my time.


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