Homelessness is Discriminatory?

Me feeling beautiful inside out.
Me feeling beautiful inside out.

When I was a teen I thought I’d end up homeless. Getting a diploma in what I was interested at the time was easy but learning theories is always easier than practical learning. Everything was challenging. It took a lot of effort and many times it was hard because I was just not in the mood. I was like this for as long as I stayed at Hell/War Zone.

Now, however I don’t fear becoming an old woman who doesn’t take care of all her needs. I don’t suffer what some do: taboo. The health care profession ought to include taboo as a mental illness. What is one cognitive distortion that taboo falls under? There you go.

I think homelessness can happen to people who are financially well off. You can lose money if you’re investing in it or you can lose your fifth-avenuish home when you get the slip. Then where do you go?

Money goes first and then time passes and perhaps you will develop a mental illness. You will drink, perhaps gamble. Your friends and relatives don’t have room for you – they are struggling to survive as well.

One thing I know for sure: I take care of my body and mind well enough and I’m not shy to ask for help.

Here is to the homeless people. Hope one day they will turn things around for themselves. There is help out there, but are you willing to take it?

Homeless Seniors Doubled in Four Years – Toronto Study

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