You’re Fine Now but Don’t Forget the Caveat

His social network. Family, friends, exes. Sex too early in the relationship.

How do they affect your romantic relationship?

If you’re close to your birth family, your parents especially will influence how long your romantic relationship lasts. What happened to leaving your nest permanently to find a life partner? If you’re close to everyone in your social circle – friends, family, exes–especially the exes – that makes romantic relationships even less likely to survive. Your family and friends won’t like the girl or guy for some reason. May fear losing you to them and if you’re still holding on to your ex, how is that moving on to the next person? Exes will be there when you have a minor disagreement, convince you the new person in your life is not good enough for you and that the person under your nose (the ex) is the person you ought to be with.

How long does it take a partner to put you as their number one? I for one will never tolerate being less than number one. When I’m dating someone for some time – and exclusively him – I ought to be first on his list. If not then I’m nothing.

The friends… the could-have-been his dating girlfriend/boyfriend, calls him up and tells him how upset she is over his current girlfriend’s for one thing or another. The opinion expressed by the girlfriend wasn’t directed toward his friends at all! Just an excuse to cause dissension between the romantic couple, it looks like.

broken heart

Get to know who is in his social network and if it looks like he’s attached to them and there is no room for you in it, run! There is no future of you and him as a couple.

Be friends first and for several months. I’m not talking about the probationary period of 90 days or when he says “I love you!”

Friendship first is the best way to find out many things about him and vice versa without giving your heart away.


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