Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Hi! Love the picture of the parents yelling and the child telling them to stop! I can relate to that, and in fact I am writing a blog today about the problems in relationships – especially at home, community and the church.


Inside Hubbard House

Hubbard House Artwork6All children deserve a safe and secure home – free of violence – and parents/guardians that love and protect them. But for many children, home is not a place of stability and support; it is far from a safe haven. Children do not have to see one parent or guardian violently assaulting another to witness domestic violence; they can also hear the sounds of violence and are aware of it from many telltale signs. Children’s exposure to domestic violence has a profound impact on their future. Many kids are suffering silently, and with little support.

Although the number is hard to pinpoint, statistics show that over 3 million children are exposed to violence in their homes annually in the United States. Children react to their environment in different ways, and reactions can vary depending on the child’s gender and age. Here’s how domestic violence can affects children of all ages:

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