Girlfriend in Training by Cavemen

First I wanted to write a blog on Boyfriend Training, but that will come after this blog. I have to say that I don’t agree with the Girlfriend Training/Boyfriend Training concept that seems to be the thing for some people.

It angers me when guys don’t lift a finger to help the women in their lives. It’s not enough to appreciate us during the holidays, Valentine’s Day or our birthdays. You have eyes for only the TV.

I can blame their role models and social conditioning. All around me in my past life I have seen guys do two things in their lives: work and relax. Women do everything else – including run errands for their guy even when their feeling under the weather. I haven’t met a guy who takes responsibility for his actions, for his current and future life, one who (after several months of going out) turns out to be a big lie.

And you are training us to be what you want? If we’re upset with you, believe it we have a reason and hear us out about it then do something about it! If you cared about us at all. Maybe the relationship was about what you can get out of it while we sacrifice everything. It’s not worth it. No guy is worth giving up who we essential are as people and as women. If you don’t like the talks we have with you, why are you in a relationship? Did you think relationships are going to go your way? Relationships are a two-way street, what two people want. If the woman isn’t what you’re looking for, then it’s time to end it (whatever you want to call it) and we can both look for someone else).

We’re in the 21st century and eyes wide open: relationships are 50/50.

I still remember the relationships I’ve had in the past and I’m not having even one ounce of it in any of my future relationships. We all live in glass houses and in this case someone has been taking someone else for granted far too long. Good-bye to the past. I don’t need a guy who doesn’t want to be my boyfriend.


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