Balancing Chemical Equations

Thank goodness the flu/cold is over for me. I don’t expect to get it again this season. Since yesterday I have been hard at work to working on two courses I’m doing online: science and math.

I am starting off with science and the lessons are on chemistry aspect of science. The first time around I was in high school taking science, I failed chemistry. It was just too stressing. This time around it’s not as stressing but I find myself going over the support questions before doing the assignment questions.

chemical equations balancingI am on lesson 8 now – and for those who live in Ontario and are taking grade 10 science you know how it is – and trying so hard to understand how to balance chemical equations. I have found that as I do each question I am understanding how compounds and elements are balanced between the reactants and the products. The Law of Conservation of Mass is definitely the most important aspect when balancing the equation and matter is neither created nor destroyed. It changes form.

Here is an example – chosen because as of this question I feel that I am getting better at balancing the equation without referring to the back of the book for answer:

sulphur dioxide reacts with oxygen gas to produce sulphur trioxide

I began with the following equation:

S02 + 02 = S03

And in adding a 2 to S02 and a 2 to the S0

the equation is balanced!

Though I did have a 2 in front of the reactant oxygen gas, but that’s what balancing chemical equations entails – part trial and error – and mostly remembering the rules and polyatomic ions as I write the chemical formulas for the reactants and products.

Chemistry isn’t my thing and it’s not going to be in my future career. I prefer astronomy and physics. Neither of them are easy to study but that’s okay. I have the motivation. Well, I too am motivated to do really well in this section of science. That’s just who I am. That’s the difference between me when I was living in Hell/The War Zone and on my own. I care now and I have motivation and life is so much better and happier for me because of it.

No regrets. No thoughts of doing anything different because there was no chance of it while living there. But that’s alright. We all have our journeys to take. Some people start living the life they were meant to when they’re in their 40s or later. It’s all good.

One more thing before I stop writing tonight I would like to just say that the previous two blogs I wrote about romantic relationships…I was not taking a knock against my current boyfriend. I was talking about my past beaus who are now my exes. Having said this, though, all boyfriends past and present I think would be interested to know that manipulating your woman doesn’t make you a boyfriend. Hence the word “friend”.

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