Searching For The One

One of the things I knew for sure would be better after leaving Hell/The War Zone is my romantic relationship with the current guy I am dating.

He’s lucky to have me. I am mature to put up with the small things and have discussions for the things that are big issues for me – things that are relationship deal breakers. It’s three months, there are things I have to speak about. Like the typical guy who thinks everything is okay as is, I won’t let several days, weeks or months slide if the relationship isn’t progressing.

I don’t have high expectations in romantic relationships, but there are some things that women deserve to have in their relationships with the significant other, for example:

  • caring for for her when she has the flu (seriously guys…you think we have the energy to go out there to buy the OTC meds!);
  • lending money to a friend but not to his girlfriend (and this is a one time thing!); and
  • emotional support. “It’s your fault” is not supportive, just makes us feel worse!

If we talk about how he’s treating us and he does something positive about it – and consistently – then there is a future with him. Else, I have to say I am not in a relationship because I’m the one that’s giving and he isn’t so it’s time to move on. Why should we stay in a relationship that’s only making him happy? A relationship is give and take. It’s not about owing each other anything. It’s about willingly and not expecting anything in return. But…if one person is always doing the giving….

Unfortunately women give the most in their relationships.

I am not attracted to men who are too dependent on the women in their lives. Doesn’t matter what century we’re in guys! Men are still the main breadwinners.

Watch out for the one who is bossy towards his woman and others are there to see it. He is influencing them!

I know who my friends are and  the truth comes out sooner or later.

I am no longer worried about my relationships because whatever happens was meant to be. I believe in fate. I know God has a wonderful plan for me. Sometimes, you know, living alone for the rest of my life is better than worrying about being 90 years old and alone. Decades of misery and unhappiness with someone until they leave us (death, illness or divorce) or decades alone doing everything that makes me happy.

That’s the question that really matter when searching for the one, isn’t it? Is my life happy with him or is it better without him?

Mutual love, care and respect shouldn’t be altered by time or situations. The test of true love…ah yeah!

Manipulators…users….the used. Not a relationship at all.

If guys want love, respect and caring from us, treat women the same. Don’t you think?

The other day I dreamed I was pregnant. If you do a Google search with a query that discusses dreams about being pregnant…sometimes it means you are pregnant – especially when you’re in a romantic relationship and you’re working towards having a family together. In my case, the other interpretation is about emotional growth. I think I have. Unlike the other guys I have dated, I am more open and honest about my needs. I have more fun. I communicate my points of view even when it contradicts his (Venus and Mars stuff!).

I am assertive in expressing what I’m looking for in The One. The first few dates, people put forth good impressions about themselves. Why do they do that? If it’s nowhere near the truth of their true characters, then the whole relationship has been a lie! I hate lies and manipulators are really good at that. Keep spinning in your manipulation schemes you’ll never see yourself and the other person just gets hurt.

I hate that too. Here’s to searching for The One.


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