The Last Day of 2013

Toronto had an ice storm that begun about Sunday morning December 22 with about 80,000 people living in the dark and cold. The first few days I had spent them with boyfriend.

Today I had spent a few hours at my cousins home. It was so nice to see them. Always a pleasure to be in their company. Being around them like I did today, there is one thing I hope to have more of in the future: wisdom.

I’m still not looking back even though some argue that I should forgive the family.  Forgiveness isn’t enough when the family is a dysfunctional one.

My life is better without them in it. I am happy, healthier (especially mentally) and doing things that promote a better future for me. With them I have recurring nightmares. There are only bad memories associated with them. It’s a broken family. Even if I forgive them one day, I still won’t be visiting them.

As for my current relationships, I am not taking it for granted that it will be forever. The only person I’m going to be with until the end of my days is me.

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