Dating Rhythms…Day 43

43 days after the first date things are going strong. I’m feeling great about my relationship with him, about how we deal with conflict. He understands that I need to be alone for a mental break. Sometimes roommates will do that to you, you know! It’s not even he who gives me headaches but those roommates that have no control over their emotions. That’s for another blog that I may want to pursue later…but won’t…prefer to post positive blogs. Positive experiences. That’s what my hubby/boyfriend is to me.

To me, he’s the nicest guy out there. He’s definitely the best nice guy for me. He’s Mr. Right – even when he pisses me off or annoys me. You know what I mean, ladies? For the male readers, the opposite is true as well.

43 days later of dating, fate is happening to me like that song “Finally” from Ce Ce Peniston

I won’t get into the details about mating, and we’re hoping to start a family a year from now.

Until then, it’s all a waiting game. Don’t have a moment where I think this is all a big joke on me. He’s really the nicest guy in the world. He helps within the community, has female friends who have children. One female friend has a child who really likes my hubby. She even wanted to sit next to him during a show but it was reserved seating.

I hate it when hubby’s female friend sees him from afar and only talks to him. Doesn’t even say hi to me.

I am invisible.

Minutes later hubby tells me this is the friend he talked to me about. I tell him it’s not a good time to talk to me now. I told him that I am upset with him and his female friend. That he should have introduced me first thing, but didn’t …and it made me feel like I was nothing to him. Unlike the other guys, when I explain how I feel he understands and accepts. So, when I was still pissed with his female friend – i.e. passing her by without a word, she looked at him and he just shrugged. She was sad. Good!

Girlfriends/wives are never second to no one, not his mother, not his friends, not his pet…nothing! That he does take my feelings into consideration after his innocent “whatever you want to call it”, is someone I can have a deeper relationship with.

Truthfully, when we’re together during the weekends, especially lately in the middle of the night there is something either I or he open up about and it’s about the deep stuff where we’re most vulnerable.

Never been this far with anyone else I have known for even longer than him. That’s saying a lot, isn’t it? That I can open up to him after 1.5 months of dating where the others that I have known from 4 months to 2 years there was no emotional intimacy.

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