Dating After a Month

It has actually been a little over 3 weeks – to be precise 23 days that I have dated the man I feel a lot for. So…the time I’ve spent with him up to now deserves one post relating to this.

The first date we were out as friends and it was in the next few dates I let  him know the type of relationship I’m in. I can’t believe, though, I haven’t considered guys think of relationships differently than women do. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, right? Sure!

Thing is, we’re knowing each other deeper and things happen. I do stuff that pisses him off and he says things that make me cry. It’s about miscommunication. But, thing is, getting to know each other, you can’t help but sometimes getting to each other.

If you wanted to always be happy, then remaining friends is what you’re looking for.

I know that being in a relationship isn’t easy. It takes work and if you’re willing to talk and work it out, then you have a relationship, a person that is worth having forever.

If you would ever meet him, you’d say I’m a lucky woman. I know I am. In many ways, he does take my feelings into consideration and many times I’m trying to take care of him but he’s such a man. He just wants to take care of me.

The only thing he wants from me is me and my time.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. My feelings for him are deep and if I didn’t care about him, the stuff that he said that made me cry wouldn’t actually affect me.

I’m offline now. I’d rather spend my time with him. I know you would if you had a man like him.


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