November 5: First Dates

Call it whatever you want, I’m calling it dating. I date to find The One person I want to spend the rest of my life with, marriage and children.

It was only the first date, and the first one since I left the Warzone/Hell.

Never looking back for another reason: dating is a happier experience, not dealing with people who’d keep me single forever with their negative attitudes. Daily – negative attitudes.

Don’t know where this is going after the first date, and unlike the other dates I’ve had while living in the Warzone/Hell, I’m sticking to my monthly goals in physical fitness, education and overall health. I’m getting to know him as a friend first and see if anything more can grow from there.

Below are some websites for men and women in the dating scene. Have fun, stick to your goals and never give up what you value most.  Find someone who has the same values as you (and time will show the truth, words and actions align).

9 Secrets For a Perfect First Date

Top 10 First Date Ideas

How to Embrace the Awkwardness of First Dates

9 Ways Fathers Love Protects His Daughter

5 Lies Boys Tell First Dates


My favourite DWTS video this Season: Paso Doble Dance, the moves and the song (hot hot hot!)


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