September 5: The Sum of the Past…Never Looking Back

Born in the wild…

Raised by wolves…

Survival of the fittest.

I am here now,

The wolves are alone, saddened by my leaving.

Never looking back.

Happiness is with me,

In my present and future.

I got wisdom, courage and strength,

Something family hasn’t given me.

It’s all me.

Decision to stay, decision to go.

Since my leaving, all things are better this time around.

How could I want to see them again?

What’s not good for me, I needed to leave

Never talk to them, never see them from afar.

Staying with them eventually I will cease to exist

For when I was with them

I couldn’t do anything for me.

It was always about them.

That’s the story, on how life was with the family.

Slowly building my own family

Without any ties to the past.

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